Robert Geneid Sarawak Sustainable Development and Ecotourism

Robert GeneidAustralian born Robert Geneid is currently managing director of the property development company that owns and manages the Royal Mulu Resort in the Sarawak region of Malaysia. He is committed to raising the profile of Malaysia as a premier tourist destination and the protection and sustainable development of the Sarawak region in particular.

As a successful property developer, Robert Geneid is responsible for the development of the Royal Mulu as well as the Miri Marriott Resort and Spa. He is also heavily involved as a consultant for Mulu Park, which is a National Park in the Sarawak area. Gunung Mulu (Mulu Park) was listed as a world heritage site in 2000. Since then Robert has worked tirelessly to ensure that the park is managed and run to exacting international standards and to ensure that the diverse heritage of the park is maintained for future generations.

The Royal Mulu resort is currently being upgraded to a Marriott resort. The end result will be the first full Nature Resort for the Marriott group and an even higher profile for this ecologically important region. Advertised as the "ultimate Borneo Rainforest experience", The Royal Mulu Resort is built in a traditional style set high above the forest canopy with magnificent views of the Melinau River.

In his role as property developer, Robert Geneid has also had the opportunity to lend his experience and skills to the tourism industry in Malaysia. He acts as consultant on a number of organisations and groups that seek to promote Malaysian tourism.

Robert utilises his skills and works with the indigenous people of the Sarawak area to ensure that they too have a future in the development of the region. His property development company, Borsarmulu Resort Sdn Bhd, is responsible for a number of developments in Sarawak and continually strives to provide balance between the stunning natural heritage of the park, the need for modern development and education as well as the needs of the people in the area.

His company is responsible for some of the large construction projects in Malaysia and won the international bid for the New Kuching Port as well as the Kuching Outdoor Stadium. His role as an international consultant is well known; Robert Geneid has had over 20 years' experience with business, law and construction in South East Asia. While his field of expertise may seem divergent, Robert has both a degree in Civil Engineering and in Law from the University of New South Wales in his native Australia.

Raised and educated in Australia, Robert spent a number of years working as a Civil Engineer before turning to the law and partnership at one of Sydney's preeminent law firms. His knowledge of construction and engineering as well as experience in business law and construction law led to Robert working and living in Asia before forming his own development and consulting business.

Robert Geneid lives in Sarawak with his wife and seven children who all share his love of the outdoors and of nature.

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